Friday, 8 March 2013

forever young. deep inside.

today a lady paid me a compliment, when it should have been entirely the other way around. I was silently bagging my groceries when the woman behind the till asked, wearing the largest of smiles, for my ID. this was so utterly unexpected, irrespective of me buying a bottle of wine, that me handing over my document was the clumsiest of things. and I dare anyone try and show an untrained foreigner where the date of birth on a Romanian ID is... the lady excused herself by saying: I am positive you are over 18 but, by law, we have to challenge everyone who looks younger than 25. and she received completely unexpected assistance from the lady behind me in the queue who said in a very out loud voice: he is definitely younger than 25. just look how pitch dark his beard is!
therefore, on your very special and international day, my dear ladies, I thank you for making us smile at the most startling of moments and I wish you the best there is to wish for out there.
and by all means, do keep on dazzling us!